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[BOUNTY] Discord Active Chat

Our discord channel has bot called "Tatsumaki"
You can earn score level by chatting on discord server
You can check our score points by typing command "t!rank" on our discord channel.

Each 10,000 Points = 1,000 ZENS

1. Don't spam 
2. Make a reasonable topics
3. Chat will be monitored and moderate

How to join?

1. Use reply to this thread
2. Put your discord username
3. make a friend chat with the community
4. Your zencoin address

 How the XP system works:
  • XP is gained every time you talk with a 2 minute cooldown.

  • XP is not determined by the size of the message. You will not get more XP just because the message is bigger.

  • XP is randomized from 10-20.

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